Text: Akari-Lisa Ishii and Motoko Ishii

14. Nov 2014

Observations by Akari-Lisa and Motoko Ishii

Light is beauty, Light is innovation, Light is technology, Light is philosophy, Light is not just a product of the shape and color of lighting fixtures, because: light creates ambience, light expresses emotions, light defines space, and light can be experienced. Just as fashion and interior design have trends every year, so does lighting design. Tightly related to spatial design trends, it is also strongly influenced by technological innovations. That is what makes using light to express meaning and emotion so interesting and complex.

As lighting designers, we have observed a number of mainstream lighting trends in 2014 in terms of colour, movement, form, materials, techniques and technologies, some which also indicate what is in store for tomorrow.

Trend 1: Monotone + 1 Accent (picture 1)

Colour choice is limited to monotone (black-grey-white) with one vivid colour inspired by the 1950’s – green, yellow, ochre – added as a highlight. The wall is washed in pure white light, a special diffusing lens uniformly illuminating the surface and enhancing the whiteness of the wall.

Trend 2: Light tableau (picture 2)

Thanks to anti-flicker technology, LEDs have finally become a practical replacement for incandescent lamps. Different white nuances – from cool white to warm white – are applied in this Light Art Tableau to reproduce the natural lighting effect of sunset. […]


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