29. Feb 2016

Designs by Anette Baumann

As we all know: as soon as we switch the light on, insects are not that far away. Annette Baumann’s approach to this is delightfully surprising.


Annette Baumann has a background in interior architecture and design. She spent most of her professional life as a lighting designer, working on projects large and small. She strongly believes that good lighting is what brings a space to life, giving it another dimension and adding a sense of magic. It is this magic that she aims to capture in her creations. Whilst her lampshades are beautiful objects during the day, they take on another meaning at night, transforming totally to reveal their hidden secret once lit. The otherwise invisible graphics on the lampshade appear when the light is switched on and disappear again, as if by magic, once the light is switched off. Like insects. All Annette Baumann’s lampshades are designed and handmade in Scotland using dupioni, a tightly woven silk fabric, in a variety of colours. The silk is laminated onto a high-quality fire-resistant PVC backing. Not that that affects the insects…



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