26. Jan 2015

Unique display lighting in the
Aesop flagship store in Hong Kong/RC

Design and Photos: Cheungvogl Architects

The light and fragrance installation for the Australian cosmetics company Aesop in their flagship store in the I.T Hyson One shopping centre in Hong Kong/RC was designed by Cheungvogl Architects, who drew their inspiration from a black and white image of hundreds of lanterns floating on water.

Eight hundred rectangular boxes made of milky white resin are arranged on top of black steel rods of varying lengths. A wide range of different skin care and shampoo products are displayed in the translucent boxes, which are illuminated softly to align with the delicate fragrances of the products on exhibit.

Customers are attracted towards the constellation of gently glowing or semi-shadowy boxes and take their time to discover the fragrant creams, lotions and hair care products. An extended shopping experience, that is for sure, and an excellent branding concept for Aesop thanks to the subtle but striking lighting design.

Of course it is convenient to order products through the Internet, but the shopping experience offered to customers in this case addresses the senses and is a sure winner: light combined with sound and fragrances. Exciting, and very definitely human-oriented.

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