18. Oct 2017

With a focus on the application potential of organic LEDs.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: LG Display

People have been waxing lyrical about OLEDs for some time now, and can envisage never-ending potential for incorporating them into future-oriented products. But after years of planning how to overtake the market by storm, the predicted triumph has been sporadic. Some large manufacturers have turned their backs on the once unique development. LG, on the other hand, never gave up. The company is underscoring its ambitions and investing billions in developing state-of-the-art OLEDs.

The efforts that have been made to date are so immense that as soon as anyone starts talking about OLEDs, everyone immediately thinks of LG. Or to be more precise, LG Display, a subsidiary of the parent company, which has taken upon itself the challenge of developing applications for OLEDs – in particular for information displays of all kinds, but also in the field of luminaire design. The latest products, plus various options for future applications, are updated and launched on the market at regular intervals. The two striking luminaire designs “Medusa” and “Pyrosome” were developed in collaboration with industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, and are designed to demonstrate the overall flexibility of OLED technology when applied to create exquisitely unique luminaires.

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