Text: Anusha Muthusubramanian, Integrated Lighting Desig

05. Sep 2014

The contextual practicalities of working on projects in India

A lighting design project, from inception to completion, is a long winding process. A designer’s vision can only be properly translated from paper to site by meticulously working through a myriad of contextual and technical issues. Experience teaches the designer the knack of working your way through. India is one of the countries where there are enormous opportunities for lighting design projects and is also progressing rapidly with regard to the latest trends and technologies. Contextually, it has its own challenges and advantages in the way a project is coordinated and executed. Knowing the dynamics of process helps the designer to effectively guide the lighting concept to reality. Lighting design is also a fairly recent profession in India but is gaining awareness and prominence.

These observations are from the perspective of an emerging designer, who has worked on several Indian projects of different kinds and scale. Every hurdle overcome in the due course of the job is a lesson in project management makes future jobs better in terms of problem solving. Judging the expectation of a client comes only by experience. An effort to hold work sessions with them helps a great deal. An Indian client may have a different vision of a project. The cultural and contextual difference plays a major role in their expectations. Typically, a hotel in India is lit up very differently from one in the USA or a European country. Indian clients generally like a lot of light (in terms of light level) and they like the lighting scheme to visually capture them. […]


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