23. May 2016

Ikea introduces LED hydroponic systems for the home.

Photos: Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2015

Ikea have always been a leader when it comes to innovations for the wider market. Who can claim they have never bought anything at Ikea – at least once?

Right now, Ikea are showing how you can actually create new markets, if you go the right way about bringing the latest know-how and cutting-edge technology together. They have introduced an indoor gardening series for growing veggies next to the kitchen sink, whetting everyone’s appetite to have live vitamins readily available whenever we want them. And entirely independent of daylight. Specially developed LEDs deliver the right light for the hydroponic system to work.

Ikea developed the new indoor hydroponic gardening system in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. “We got a phone call from Ikea, asking us if we would be interested in developing a new indoor gardening system with them,” explains Håkan Asp, Assistant Senior Lecturer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. “Hydroponics is a pretty amazing topic. It allows you to grow plants at home in a box, or in a huge greenhouse for commercial purposes. To be honest, most of the vegetables we eat today are grown hydroponically. Tomatoes, for example, can be grown all year round”. And now, thanks to LEDs, on an ultra-small scale.

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