03. Sep 2014

To abstraction: a glittering school of fish

Design and Photos: Cinimod Studio

“Emergence” is a 13-metre high, spiralling sculpture in Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport. 350,000 LEDs have been integrated into the carbon fibre structure, all of which needed to be controlled in order to generate a realistically flowing array of light patterns and shimmers across the sculpture. The light patterns are designed to simulate schools of fish in sunlit water. To ensure the fluid flow of the patterns an abstraction layer of manipulated video frames was used with up to five simultaneous video layers being played at a given time with arbitrary frame rates and transformations (60 fps overall), all manipulated from the control server. The viewer perceives a continuous series of hypnotising, shimmering lines and dots of light that make their way up the sculpture according to a fantastically random choreography.

The concept for the sculpture realised by Cinimod Studio was inspired from Caviar House’s (the client) core business – fish – and light. Cutting-edge technology made it possible to bring out the simple beauty of nature in such detail. What can we learn from all this? Fish definitely have it a lot easier.


“Emergence” for Caviar House & Prunier, London Heathrow Terminal 2 from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.

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