17. Apr 2015

Red Dot Award 2015

Three products of LED Linear were awarded for the Red Dot Award: VarioLED™ Flex Amor, Hydralux and Xootube 38 were able to convince the judges and deservedly received the coveted Red Dot quality seal. The international experts discussed and assessed each of the 4,928 entries from 56 countries.

VarioLED™ Flex Amor
VarioLED™ Flex Amor is a miniaturized, opal encapsulated, IP67 protected, flexible LED design light line. She is horizontally bendable with a minimum radius of 3 cm. Amor is suitable for a variety of applications

With Hydralux the new freedom of design begins. Depending on the step measurement this luminaire can be cut to the desired length on site and then easily be assembled by adhesive bonding. It is field attachable on site from 62.5 mm to a maximum of 7.5 m – with only one electrical supply.

Xootube 38
Xootube 38, a linear design LED pendant luminaire, is no retrofit solution, but something completely new. It combines industrial style with elegance and aesthetics. With 11 different colored caps, it offers maximum customizability. Through a defined pre-curvature of the luminaire, a length of almost 2 m with an absolutely straight form can be created.


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