19. Feb 2016

Unique pavilion design creates petal-shaped patterns after dark

Renderings and design: Arquidromo – Beto Frías, Andrés Martínez C.

Arena Monterrey is an indoor arena in Monterrey/MEX which is primarily used for concerts, shows and indoor sports events. It was built in 2003. A huge compass rose has been worked into the paved area directly in front of the main entrance. The architects from Arquidromo were commissioned to revitalise the entrance plaza. Their solution: to create a pavilion-like structure, which they refer to as “La Semilla” (the seed) and is a mix between a sculpture, a “fountain of light” and a kiosk – three elements that can offer a public space landmark quality. And light plays a key role. During the day, the reflective seed provokes curiosity and adds interest to the public space. At night, it blossoms into petals of light.


The form of “La Semilla” is based on a sphere, but slightly compressed to encompass more interior space. In order to transform this geometry into a kiosk, an opening is to be made in the upper part to let sunlight in. A further opening will be made for the entrance. The outer skin of the pavilion is made of scrap metal from an old aeroplane, the aluminium flattened and cut into triangular sheets to construct the unique pavilion design. The fountain element does not feature water, but light. A powerful LED projector mounted inside the pavilion is to be focussed towards the north: the electric light seeps through perforations in the lower part of the structure, spreading petal-shaped patterns on the ground.

The interior of the pavilion is a multipurpose space that can host a sponsor’s event or an autograph signing, or simply serve as a place for chilling.


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