27. Mar 2015

An interactive space with feelings

Installation and photos: Scenocosme –
Grégory Lasserre und Anaïs met den Ancxt
In collaboration with Lola und Yukao Meet – Lola Ajima und Yukao Nagemi

Space acquires atmosphere through light and gives the people in the space a specific feeling. But what does it mean when the space itself has feelings? When it comes to “La maison sensible”, the saying: some spaces have ears and eyes gains a whole new meaning. The interactive installation reflects the behaviour of the visitors to the space through light and sound and responds to them, communicating through light patterns and unusual sounds.

Via discreet sensors positioned on the floor, the walls and the furniture the space can react to the visitors using hundreds of thousands of video-projected particles plus sound. If the room is empty, the particles remain still and structured. The tiniest movement, even of someone breathing, is perceptible. If a person touches a room surface gently, the space responds with mellow sounds and soft waves of light. If the person becomes louder and more aggressive towards the room surfaces, the particles panic and repel each other. If it becomes too noisy in the space or the movements are too abrupt, light and sound withdraw to wait for the dynamic to change – the room has reached its limits when it comes to expressing feelings.

A visual and auditory environment people can leave their mark on – as they do on the souls of others.

The installation could last be seen and experienced in Le château éphémère in Carrières-sous-Poissy/F from 16. to 27. February, 2015.


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