08. Jul 2015

Illuminated shelving for a minimalist cosmetics display

Design: Nendo
Photos: Takumi Ota

The Beauty Library designed by the team from Nendo is tucked away on a street behind Tokyo’s main shopping street, Ayoama. The composite store consists of a specialty boutique for organic cosmetics and a café, all designed to enhance shoppers’ feeling of well-being – inside and out: for as we all know, the beauty we radiate comes from within. The shop section is built around a series of wooden shelves illuminated via LED strips. The lighting renders the colourful products attractive and pleasant to the eye, but still allowing them to blend in with the surroundings.

The materials applied in the interior make the space bright and friendly. The store is brightly lit, downlights providing the ambient lighting alongside the LED lighting for the shelves.

The illuminated shelves are a clear statement of what the boutique part of the store is all about, and yet they lend the overall environment a certain charm, creating a highly original retail environment, a “library” of a very special kind.

But you won’t find any books here!


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