Project team:

Client: AGS GmbH, Gesellschaft für Stadtentwicklung und
Immobilienbetreuung GmbH, Augsburg/D
Architects: Schuller+Tham Architekten BDA, Augsburg/D
Lighting design: d-lightvision, Munich/D – Erwin Döring,
Dagmar Consolati, Toralf Patz, Linda Heller
Electrical engineering: IB Rebholz, Augsburg/D


Products applied:

Lighting inside the congress/conference hall:
LED spotlights (3000K, 2000 lumens, 3 watt, beam angle of 28°);
Recessed spotlights (1400 lumens, 28 watt, 40°);
RGB + white linear LED wall washers for effect lighting, 58 watts
per metre
Large and small foyers:
Linear RGB LED luminaires, 58 watts per metre;
LED spotlights (3000K, 1300 – 2000 lumens)
Light sculpture:
tungsten halogen lamps 18 watts, 230V, E14 in tubular profiles
Event space (Mozart Hall):
ceiling-mounted luminaires, each sourced with 4 x 28 watt T5
lamps (3000K) and flexible RGB LED strips;
recessed LED spotlights (3000K, 1300 lumens, 23 watt);
Recessed LED spotlights (3000K, 1000 lumens, 20 watt)


Lighting manufacturers on the project:

Bega, Erco, iGuzzini, Siteco, Alphaled, Biffi Luce, Deltalight,
Derksen, Meyer+Sohn, Ruco Licht, Swarovski, Technolight,
Xicato, Visiolux, Alexander Weckmer Licht und Mediensysteme;
light sources: Osram, Philips

06. Mar 2013

Concrete ideas
The Kongress am Park convention centre in Augsburg/D

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Andreas J. Focke, Stefan Mayr

Kongress am Park convention centre is a multi-functional events venue in Augsburg in the south of Germany. Described that way, it sounds like an open, contemporary building. In fact, if outward appearances were anything to go by – and given the architecture that was popular when it was designed – in the daytime the structure actually looks a bit on the sad side. The convention centre was built in 1972, designed by renowned architect Max Steidel (Augsburg).At the time, exposed concrete was all the rage. The material was regarded as modern, cost-effective and flexible – positive qualities that cannot be denied. At the same time, exposed concrete can look pretty desolate, brutal even. In the meantime, the Kongress am Park convention centre in Augsburg has been declared a listed building.

Having served well for 40 years, the centre no longer met the required technical standards when it came to indoor climate, electrical engineering, and safety within the building. It was decided that the building needed complete renovation, including refurbishing all concrete elements and surfaces. The renovation project also required a new and up-to-date lighting scheme, which was designed by d-lightvision and installed under their supervision. Erwin Döring and his team saw the project as a chance and opportunity to demonstrate how dull looking exposed concrete surfaces can be enhanced with light to provide a fresh and interesting backdrop to the activities staged at the venue. What had formerly been regarded as a disadvantage – extensive monotonous grey concrete surfaces – became, in fact, a huge advantage when used as a canvas for designed LED lighting. The slogan used by the concrete industry to inspire architects to opt for the other-wise drab material was “It depends what you make of it!” Very true. And state-of-the-art lighting could well be what the concrete industry has been waiting for. When designed sensitively, it can lend brutal architecture a totally new image. In fact, concrete may well be the most responsive material when it comes to lighting design. We humans do have a problem with the colour grey, however. It reminds us of the weather in November, which is anything but inspiring. The lighting concept responds primarily to the concrete architecture. The convention centre comprises a concert hall which seats 1,400 people, a further room –Mozart Hall – for events and functions of various kinds and designed to accommodate 200 people, plus two seminar rooms and three foyers. The design concept for the lighting is based around the material quality of the exposed concrete and the geometric forms the structure comprises. […]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 86.

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