18. Nov 2016


Besides being the organiser of the annual Eindhoven light festival in November, the GLOW Eindhoven Foundation is also the founder of the International Light Festival Organisation. Today, the official treaty is signed by ten international light festivals to confirm the willingness to work together. The participating international light festivals are: Bella Skyway (Torùn), Filux (Mexico), Fête des Lumières (Lyon), Lausanne Lumières, Illuminart (Montréal), Lichtfestival Gent, Lumina (Cascais), Signal (Praag), Staro (Riga) and GLOW Eindhoven. By doing so, the establishment of ILO is a fact.

ILO is an open platform, initiated for and by international light festivals. First and foremost it is meant to support co-productions and the exchange of knowledge. The International Light Festival Organisation provides in opportunities to form cultural collaborations and challenges and to eventually create even more creative and beautiful light installations. ILO is also a platform to exchange light artists. Furthermore, the festivals can work together in the field of sponsoring. An increasing amount of sponsors are working at a global level and together, the light festivals can meet this development.


Thursday November 17th, the GLOW Eindhoven Foundation organizes an international congress of light festivals. During this congress, 25 light festivals come together to exchange knowledge and information and to discuss the new direction taken. The initiator is Robbert ten Caten, organisor of GLOW Eindhoven and from the very first moment involved in the Light Festival GLOW. He is now fully dedicated to the international light festivals and acts as a scout of new and innovative light artworks and founder of ILO. Ten Caten: “It is important that every light festival has its own DNA and this should stay this way. We can only strengthen each other on so many levels.” The first official annual meeting will be held in December 2016 in Lyon during the Fête des Lumières.

Further information is available at the ILO website.

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