Project team:

Concept and shop design: Plajer & Franz Berlin/D
Concept: Laird + Partners New York/USA
Shopfitting: Vizona West, Langenfeld/D
Lighting design: Petra Lenz, Ansorg Gmbh


Products applied:

Brick, Lightstripe and custom solutions – Ansorg GmbH
Light sources: HIT, LED

23. Mar 2014

Karl Lagerfeld flagship store in Paris/F
Behind the facade

Text: Moritz Gieselmann
Photos: Michel Figuet

A neo-classical facade made of wood painted in matt black, two asymmetrical shop windows: the initial impression you get of Karl Lagerfeld’s first flagship store is somewhat unspectacular. What awaits you behind the outer facade is a sophisticated design and lighting concept.

Karl Lagerfeld is not only one of the world’s most distinguished fashion designers and gifted businessmen, but is also known for delivering witty one-liners with an astoundingly entertaining degree of provocation and arrogance. In fact, in the meantime you can read his collected quotes on his Facebook page and even buy a print version entitled: “The World according to Karl”.
Lagerfeld’s world revolves around Paris. He loves the Rive Gauche quarter, or St. Germain-des-Prés to be more exact. It was therefore a no-brainer that the first flagship store representing his fashion label would be opened there – on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, one of the most exclusive shopping miles in the French capital. Meanwhile there are thirteen Lagerfeld stores around the world, from Berlin to Beijing.
Planning began under Lagerfeld’s artistic direction in 2012, and the store was opened in March 2013. The minimalist concept featuring unmistakable French flair was developed and realised by the design practice Plajer & Franz from Berlin in cooperation with the New York based creative agency Laird + Partners. The lighting was designed by Petra Lenz from Ansorg.
The store covers an area of 209 square metres over two levels and bears the unmistakable design signature of Karl Lagerfeld: reduced to the essential, strong black and white contrasts in both shapes and surfaces, a mix of classical and modern elements in a carefully adapted building dating back to the end of the 19th century. The appeal of the harmonious design lies clearly in the love of detail: even the tiniest element is aligned to the overall concept. The majority of the space is practically colourless, designed in an elegant combination of white and black that awakens memories of the glamour associated with the 1930s, without being over nostalgic.
The playful juxtaposition of matt and glossy surfaces, of glass and mirrors, makes the spaces appear to be larger than they are, giving rise to subtle optical illusions, and lending the store a multi-dimensional quality. […]
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