10. Nov 2014 Kaiseki Yoshiyuki & Horse’s Mouth in Singapur/SGKaiseki Yoshiyuki & Horse’s Mouth in Singapore/SGP -->

A noble bar and restaurant with mysterious appeal

Interior architects: Asylum
Lighting design and photos: Switch

The Kaiseki Yoshiyuki & Horse’s Mouth, a single space that combines a restaurant and a lounge bar, is located in “Forum The Shopping Mall” in Singapore/SGP. The restaurant specialises in traditional Kaiseki – a small and artistically arranged dish normally served before a Japanese tea ceremony. In contrast, the bar features a “speakeasy” atmosphere, with 3000 subtly illuminated origami flowers across three glass displays creating an explosion of colour in the otherwise mysteriously dark lounge bar surroundings.

The five-metre long transition space from the shopping mall to the intimate bar and restaurant location, which was designed by the interior architects from Asylum together with the lighting design team from Switch, is sparsely lit by glowing lanterns. The lounge bar features high-grade, dark furniture and is dimly lit. The dark tables are discreetly accentuated, as are the brown wooden shelves that house a textural mix of used wood, akin to a well-stocked library of books. The glass displays with the illuminated origami flowers provide the colourful lighting effects that balance the space. The light from the LED sources is focussed to generate a play of light and shadows. The other part of the space which accommodates the restaurant has received a counter dining area, with ash panelled geometrical forms that make for intriguing wall details in the warmly lit interior. Downlights mounted in the angled timber panels that form the decorative ceiling structure deliver an appropriate lighting level at dining table level. Each of the two spaces achieves its own special flair thanks to the purposefully applied lighting.

Products applied:

Downlights: Flos
Japanese lanterns: Ushio Spax
Linear strip lights: Tokistar


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