20. Oct 2016

PLDC gains the official support of the City of Paris

The organisers of PLDC are proud to announce that PLDC 2017 will be partnered by the City of Paris and the Mayor, Mme. Anne Hidalgo.


Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Within this partnership common activities are being discussed with the aim of strengthening the development of public lighting in the future on a global scale.

Paris is historically known as the first City of Light. During the Age of Enlightenment back in the 18th century, Paris became the centre of education, philosophy and learning. Another reason Paris is called the “City of Light” is because it was one of the first cities to start using street lights during the Great Exhibition of 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was opened as the entrance to the World Fair. Having street lights meant people could pursue activities in the public realm after dark that they could not do before. The streets became safer and people were no longer forced to stay inside houses all night.

The City of Paris is currently working on concepts to change the public realm with the goal of creating safer spaces for cyclists and pedestrians. The lighting is to be designed to reflect this strategy. Furthermore, a design competition is being planned as a part of PLDC to develop ideas to demonstrate how lighting and connectivity can influence social life in public spaces. A global meeting of cities is planned as part of PLDC to integrate urban planners and key decision-makers at the city level into the lighting design world.

Joachim Ritter: “This partnership demonstrates the interest of major cities to collaborate with lighting design specialists and to be open up for future trends and developments. Lighting plays a major role in the strategic plans for creating better urban environments and, of course, saving energy!”

PLDC 2017 therefore will again mark a further step in the development of this global educational event.


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