30. Sep 2016

The new performance sports pool at “Sylter Welle” proves that it is

Photos: Georg Supanz

As early as 2015 the swimming pool filled with 924,000 litres of salt water and embedded in the Westerland dunes, was opened as a novelty. Where the outdoor pool used to span the area between Sylter Welle and the promenade, a roofed sports pool was created within as little as one year. The recreational facility with sauna, wellness, relaxation, sports and fun for both locals and tourists as well as colleges and sports clubs spans 4,600 square metres. The new sports swimming pool is lit by downlights made by luminaire specialist WILA.


Salty North Sea water, wave pool, 28 degree water temperature, flow channel and “splash-diving” when the pool attendant is not looking. What is considered purely recreational for humans – proves a challenge for illumination.


In combination with optical attachments for IP44 WILA Downlights can also be used in swimming pools. To protect the metallic parts from corrosion WILA relies on a special surface coating that ensures long life. The heat sink, on the other hand, does not require any special treatment since it already boasts a high-resistance anodized coating as standard. The corresponding glass covers increase the Mode of Protection of these non-custom luminaires to IP44 in closed ceiling systems. This means the luminaires live up to the special conditions in these places: splash water, air humidity of 55 to 60 percent and ambient temperatures of 30 to 35 degree Celsius.



So nothing stood in the way of using the 30 watt LED downlights in the aisle areas around the sports swimming pool as long-term tests had already verified in the run-up to the installation. And beyond all this these Downlights also serve as emergency lighting providing that required extra safety.

Architecture: architects Contor, Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Voigt, Itzehoe

Products applied: Luminaires: Special Solution LED Downlights (Nero Power), Downlights with emergency function


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