Project team:

Concept idea and design: Reija Pasanen (Studio Lux Nova)
Technical implementation: Tapio Järvinen (Studiotec)
Interactive content: Mitja Prelovšek and David Žalik (The Invisible)
Lighting design, market square in Lahti:
Reija Pasanen (Studio Lux Nova) and Marjut Kauppinen (Architect
Office Marjut Kauppinen Ltd)
Electrical planning: Teuvo Hopponen and Tony Nelin (SEU)

Products applied:

 Public lighting: Lavinia, iGuzzini
Custom lighting poles: Tehomet
Profile projectors: Martin


14. Aug 2015

Well, well

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Studio Lux Nova, The Invisible

Market places have always been the focus of activity in towns and therefore
play a central role in the urban layout. This is where much of the dynamic
social life of the town takes place. People meet here to trade, or to share information and opinions. Market squares are often used for local political activities.With the advent of mail order trading and the growing number of shopping malls being built outside our city centres, central town squares need new attractions to inspire citizens to use them. Dynamic interactive lighting installations are an effective and modern way of addressing this need.

Interactivity and historical findings are the key elements of the lighting plan for the new market square in the City of Lahti in Finland. Lighting and industrial designer Reija Pasanen and architect Marjut Kauppinen have developed a lighting concept using cutting-edge technology but with a traditional twist. Lahti market square has been and still is an important place for meetings and events in the lives of the people who live there. In addition to being the site of the traditional market, the square has also served as a sports arena and is the centre of the city’s local bus traffic. The square played host to the opening of the Salpausselkä Ski Jumping Championships, not to mention many other events. In autumn 2013, the City of Lahti staged a competition for the lighting design of the town square. The winning design team based their concept on the history of Lahti as one main source of inspiration – and the jury agreed wholeheartedly. […]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 98

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