16. Oct 2015

Occhio’s latest design is the future now!

The new range of Sento luminaires from Occhio is innovation in the purest sense, with gesture control for user convenience and a unique solution for adjusting the height of the pendant version. Added to that is a 32 watt LED power package that ensures the combined uplighter and downlight delivers in both private and commercial applications.

Sento offers design scope and flexibility on all levels. If requested, the pendant version can be supplied with a unique system for adjusting the height: a sophisticated retractor mechanism contained in the base allows the length of the pendant tube to be adjusted to the millimetre. The luminaire can be raised and lowered, smoothly and easily, as if by magic. Available for surface and recessed mounting as well as for flush mounting into false ceilings, there is a Sento luminaire for just about any space. Pendant versions with two or three luminaires make for a perfect solution for long tables, for example. The complete range features typical Occhio design coupled with highgrade materials and quality workmanship. Brightness can be controlled without touch buttons or switches where the light is emitted – at the luminaire. A simple gesture is enough to control several luminaires: you adjust the light on one luminaire and the others follow suit. At 32 watts, these highly efficient luminaires can be applied for a wide range of applications in private homes or in hotels, offices or other commercial buildings. The uplighter and downlight components can be operated separately, enabling the user to create any number of attractive scenarios. Exchangeable optics for enhanced control over beam spreads plus the choice of different luminous colours enable the light to be adjusted to support the desired atmosphere in the space and to meet user requirements. Sento – a creative technological masterpiece that works.


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