06. Jan 2016

Son et lumière – and seesaws

Photos: Martine Doyon and Ulysse Lemerise

The Luminothérapie lighting competition / light festival in Montreal is currently taking place for the sixth time. The lighting installation entitled “Impulse”, which comprises 30 luminous seesaws accompanied by sound, transform the Place des Festivals into a vast illuminated interactive playground.

The seesaw design was developed by Lateral Office and CS Design in collaboration with the EGP Group. The idea was to create an harmonious and playful light and sound composition that was in a constant state of change. “Impulse” is an interactive work comprising seesaws of various sizes, with integral 4100 K LED strips, polymeric film that directs light by changing its appearance, distribution and uniformity, and loudspeakers. The luminous intensity changes as the seesaw rocks back and forth. The movements are reiterated in the form of nine video projections that generate playful perceptions of depth on surrounding architectural facades.

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The installation is far more than a series of luminous seesaws. It toys with concepts of balance and imbalance, symmetry and asym­metry, tension and harmony and embodies ideas of serialism, repetition, and variation to produce zones of intensity and calm.

Project team:

Architects (seesaw design): CS Design (Montreal), Lateral Office (Toronto), EGP Group (Montreal)
Sound design: Mitchell Akiyama
Realisation: Générique Design
Electronics and interactive elements: Robocut Studio
Video-mapping: Mathieu LeSourd (Maotik) and Daniel Iregui (Iregular)


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