16. Oct 2015

Thorn Lighting and a view towards the future of lighting

The Hub of Light in the Oresund region in Denmark/Sweden is an opportunity to experience the future of lighting.

“By maximising the benefits of integration and cross-border dynamics, the Oresund Region will stand out as the most attractive and climate-smart region in Europe”, this is the vision of the Oresund region. Lighting plays a vital role in this vision and Thorn has become a major player in supporting its achievement having developed many working partnerships with municipalities, research centres, and universities in the region. Thorn brings forward thinking smart city ideas to life in the Hub of Light, with the main focus on developing innovative comfortable lighting for citizens while exploiting energy savings. All by using state of the art technology for a modern smart city approach. Live projects include the Danish Outdoor Living Lab (DOLL) in Albertslund, the Copenhagen street lighting refurbishment and the City of Light in Landskrona amongst others. The above mentioned projects will be further described in the following before concluding with an outlook on the future.

Danish Outdoor Living Lab (DOLL)
DOLL is an innovative outdoor exhibition space comprising approximately nine kilometres of roads and trails in the Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund in Denmark. The aim is to demonstrate smart lighting solutions in the live settings of DOLL. Examples are that light is controlled instantly; it can be adapted to match the needs of the users; save energy and integrate various other functionalities and features. DOLL provides the perfect occasion to test new technologies that some customers might be unsure of. Visitors are able to change the lighting to different scenarios and experience varied applications so that they can see the various effects of lighting, dimming and control options. As one of the main live projects of Thorn in the Hub of Light, solutions shown at DOLL include Avenue D2 LED and Plurio O LED for inspiring road, paths and park lighting. Good visual comfort and precise control of light is demonstrated with Oxane L LED, and lighting that promotes feelings of safety and security in urban and residential environments is shown with Christian IV LED and EyeKon LED. Thorn is taking the Living Lab approach serious and is trying out new technologies to be tested for the portfolio. This needs regular revision and adaptation of the installations. It is expected to show the second generation of solutions very soon with luminaires like Thor, R2L2, Urba, FleXity and Adelie Bollard. Thor is the new LED luminaire for the City of Copenhagen, which is the focus of the next paragraph.

Copenhagen major street light refurbishment
In April 2015 the City of Copenhagen started replacing 10 000 inefficient sodium street lights with a new specially commissioned Thorn lantern. Thorn won the contract to develop and produce a new lantern for Copenhagen in cooperation with contractor Citelum. To give the luminaire Scandinavian design, Thorn worked with well-known Danish designer Morten Lyhne, who created the Thor lantern tailor-made to the conditions of the tender. In comparison to the old 1950 sodium fittings, Thor reduces energy consumption by 70 per cent and expects to deliver great savings for the city from lower energy consumption. Thorn has developed Thor to offer energy consumption from 40W to 150W and a lifetime of 90 000 hours – up to nine times longer than the sodium fittings. Among its many features Thor incorporates an intelligent wireless control system from SilverSpring Networks, which can adjust brightness automatically according to priority. Copenhagen can combine the lighting with traffic management data and adapt lux levels to density and standards. When the investment is complete, Copenhagen will be one of the first cities in the world to deploy the SilverSpring Networks management system in street lighting.

The City of Light, Landskrona
The City of Light in Landskrona, Sweden is another important live project that customers and interested parties can visit in the Hub of Light. The City of Light is a unique collaboration between Thorn Lighting, Landskrona city and the School of Engineering in Jönköping. Various events have already taken place and a series of indoor and outdoor solutions offer the opportunity to discuss lighting in a tangible way. The Västervång School can function as a ‘live’ indoor showroom, exhibiting lighting with control options. A tour around Landskrona allows people to discuss the design of luminaires, as well as the dimming capabilities of Thorn’s luminaires and the desired effects, which modern controls enable. The space received an update during the summer, so that in the autumn even more lighting solutions can be experienced.

Smart futures
All of the projects in the Hub of Light have the aim to also look into the future of lighting and to provide food for thought. But what does a smart city mean? Today there is a lot of buzz around ‘smart cities’ and we see many governments striving to achieve the status of ‘smart city’. The definition is still very diffuse and is not used consistently. Thorn lighting defines a smart city as “one that uses data and deploys technology to deliver public services in innovative ways for the benefit of citizens so that they become more prosperous, sustainable and have a better place to live.” With lighting accounting for up to 50 per cent of the electricity consumption in cities, it plays a central role in becoming smarter. Smart lighting can have several functions, which the Hub of Light aims to demonstrate: creating an attraction, saving energy and guiding people around safely. Iain Macrae, Head of Global Lighting Applications, Thorn states “Normal lighting is uninteresting but today you can create an attraction with light, which will draw interest and in turn tourism to a city. Our projects within the Hub of Light aim to demonstrate and test new technologies, raising awareness for the future.”


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