19. Jan 2015

Holographic light sculptures

Installation and photos: Roseline de Thélin

Ghostly, not of this world, strangely fascinating – is how one might attempt to describe “Homos Luminosos”, light sculptures by the French born artist Roseline de Thélin. Hundreds of optical fibres suspended in circles from the ceiling are cracked at specific points along their length to generate holographic light sculptures. The cracks in the optical fibres give rise to tiny dots of light that together form larger-than-life human shapes apparently floating in mid-air. The installations are inspired by astronomy and quantum physics and play with the viewer’s perception, creating stunning illusions.

Roseline de Thélin works with light both as a medium and as a subject, creating installations and light sculptures by exploiting the scientific properties of light: reflection, refraction, conduction and transparency. She particularly likes working with fibre optics. To her they represent the endless possibilities of photons.

Roseline de Thélin’s works are regularly exhibited around the world – soon in Charlotte, North Carolina/USA.


Interview with light artist Roseline de Thélin from b-uncut on Vimeo.

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