17. Jul 2015

Video art for a cruise ship

Sculpture design: Daniel Canogar
Photos: Sofía Montenegro

“Helix” is an interactive LED sculpture designed by artist Daniel Canogar to welcome passengers onto deck five of the cruise liner Quantum of the Seas. Its looping form invites viewers to explore the piece from different angles. And it makes for a real eye-catcher: sometimes luminous moving patterns appear to simply graze across the surface of the uniquely twisted shape, while other times colourful genderless figures, reminiscent of Keith Haring’s graffiti from the eighties, can be seen climbing across or about to fall from the structure.

Helix was created using flexible LED tiles specially fabricated for this project. The clip art-like illustrations developed by the artist are run on the looped structure as video sequences.

Over the past five years, Daniel Canogar’s specially designed LED panels have been installed or exhibited in public spaces and galleries in Houston/USA and Brussels/B.


“Helix”, (2015) by Daniel Canogar from bitforms gallery on Vimeo.

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