29. Aug 2014

House of Mamba – featuring an LED basketball court/ China

Design: Ideas and innovation company AKQA, Rhizomatiks, Wispark and Nike Inc.
Photos: Nike Inc.

Kobe Bean Bryant alias Black Mamba is an NBA player from North America. As part of the current “Nike Rise” basketball tour, Bryant is travelling across Greater China and staging live shows to select the three best players from 30 amateur players for the Nike World Basketball Festival in Barcelona. Creative company AKQA, together with Rhizomatiks (graphic design) and Wispark Sports (event company) have designed an interactive basketball court with Nike. The basketball venue and the court have been named after Bryant: “House of Mamba”. The motto of the campaign – Rise– is supported through the basketball court design.

The base layer of the court comprises a wooden platform to give the court natural bounce. The LED layer consists of over one thousand 60 by 60-centimetre interlaced LED screens. A layer of thick glass covers the LED screens, which has in turn received a special adhesive surface to ensure more grip and fewer falls. The displays are computer-controlled. The LED screens are equipped with motion-tracking technology to support training graphics, moving images (advertising) and instructional graphics to guide players’ movements. Integrated cameras track players’ movements on the court, immediately revealing miscues. The LED court makes for a huge source of entertainment for the spectators. It is designed to help train the players so they can achieve all-time highs! An unusual combination of LED technology and training programmes, which clearly gets both the players and the spectators fired up.


Nike-Rise House of Mamba LED court from catlak kiremit on Vimeo.

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