22. Aug 2014

The merging of light and architecture

Architects: Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC- Kotaro Horiuchi and team
Photos: Issei Mori and Mitsuru Narihara

Kotaro Horiuchi and his team have developed a space made of paper and light which they call “Fusionner 2.0 – Paper Cave”. “Paper Cave” is the second part of the “Fusionner” project by Kotaro Horiuchi and is a permanent installation within his architects’ practice in Nagoya. The word “Fusionner” is derived from French and means merging together. This project addresses the merging of light and architecture, whereby the light is seen as filling the space with tangible lightness and calm. The light sources are integrated into the architectural forms and are practically invisible. The goal was for the spatial dimensions to dissolve and the space to be absorbed by light. The space itself is designed to be used for various purposes: as an office, a bar or a lounge.

The three-dimensional walls consist of a series of consecutive arches of translucent fibreglass paper along the main space. Six LED luminaires are mounted in the corners of the space and half way along the wall on both sides. These fixtures can be programmed to create up to 256 different colours. The louvre-like wall construction coupled with the diffuse light give rise to a series of light and shadows effects along the space. In the centre of the room there is a long table made of artificial white marble with different sized holes cut into it. The holes are backlit by practically invisible LEDs. A louvre-like construction at a much lower height serves as the table “legs”. The marble tabletop is curved, giving the impression it is about to take off. The table runs the length of the room, ending at a flat paper wall, which is punctured by different sized backlit holes. The soft light lends the space form and depth, underscoring the architectural design and rendering the interesting space highly versatile. The goal to dissolve the spatial dimensions – has that been achieved?


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