18. Oct 2017

New luminaire from Plexiform helps office spaces take that leap into the modern age.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Plexiform

Modern offices with flexible and versatile workplaces are definitely a good thing. Employees can choose where they would like to work depending on the task at hand or the mood they are in – alone or in a group set-up, in retreat or in a larger open space, in comfortable surroundings or sat at a desk. This helps promote a positive working atmosphere, enhanced creativity, targeted results and tangible success. All of which also depends on well designed lighting, which plays a central role in ensuring these positive effects – especially in the case of classic desk layouts, which are nowadays expected to be part of a modern office environment and likewise modern from the point of view of design. The Remo luminaire from Plexiform combines the functional with the decorative to achieve this ambience.

The Italian designers and engineers at Plexiform know what they are about. The country itself, like hardly any other, stands for imaginative, striking fashion concepts featuring elegance, grace and style. Constantly changing, flexible and multifaceted. Plexiform’s product catalogue combines all these countryspecific aspects in their wide range of ceiling-mounted luminaires, the majority of which are linear pendants of all kinds, shapes and lengths; many are recess-mounted direct luminaires, or can be mounted in different ways. Of all Plexiform’s luminaires, Remo stands out particularly for its immensely decorative appeal and its flexibility.

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