15. Sep 2014

 Believing your eyes

Installation: Rashad Alkabarov
Photos: Yay Gallery

Artists create pictures by painting on canvas with acrylic or oil paints. Is there any other way of painting a picture on a wall?

Artist Rashad Alkabarov from Azerbaijan uses light and shadow to create marvellous paintings on walls. His “Fly to Baku” installation is an excellent example of this fascinating form of light art. The art and culture of Azerbaijan is depicted clearly and beautifully – with very little technology involved.

An array of coloured transparent plastic elements shaped like paper darts are suspended from the ceiling in a room with white walls. The mass of coloured see-through shapes is already attractive to look at. But when the light is switched on a projection is generated on the rear wall, offering the viewer a wonderful impressionist painting of a sandy beach on the coast. A projector is focussed on the transparent plastic elements in such a way that coloured shadows are painted onto the wall.

Light reveals the true beauty of all things. And one thing is for sure: not everything is as it seems…


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