08. Jun 2017

Ameluna: A little dream-like, a little luxury and a little extravagant.

Text: Joachim Ritter

How can one best communicate an effective collaboration between two design-oriented manufacturers from entirely different branches of industry? Through the clever combination of specific letters that stem from the names of the two companies and give rise to a new meaning for both partners. A for Artemide, ME for Mercedes and LUNA for the moon, together creating the name AMELUNA. The fact that this all worked out so naturally goes to underline that this had to be: a pointer to all involved to go ahead with this cooperative move.

Which is exactly what Daimler Benz and Artemide decided to do. A manufacturer of high-quality automobiles – that is to say, cars – and a manufacturer of design-oriented luminaires – that is to say, “lamps” – have sought and found each other. To be more precise, Daimler Benz took a close look at the lighting market and pinpointed Artemide as the partner with whom to find new ways of developing new corporate philosophies. For Artemide the invitation to collaborate was one they could not refuse as a lighting manufacturer. During an evening event in the Daimler Benz showroom in Stuttgart Sindelfingen/DE, Carlotta Bevilacqua and Ernesto Gismondi spoke with pride and gushing enthusiasm about the partnership, almost comparing it to a childhood dream that they never believed could come true.

Thinking Beyond Design describes, defines and stands for Daimler’s corporate approach, for which Martin Bremer in his current role as Senior Manager of Corporate Design Strategy & Digital Interior Design at Daimler Benz is responsible. It is no longer merely a case of thinking about how to design cars, but rather of regarding automobile design as part of a life philosophy that the consumer can willingly and naturally succumb to. It comprises the idea of driving home immersed in Mercedes design and ambience, a feeling only to be continued within the driver’s own four walls – that is to say, good design and the right lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. That was how Martin Bremer described the concept behind the Thinking Beyond Design approach. And that does not cover everything that Daimler has been thinking about for the future.

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