22. Jun 2015

3D glass skin

Photos: Shengliang Su

Ports 1961 is a Canadian fashion label focussing on urban and global-style clothing and accessories. The team from the Canadian architects’ firm UUfie have designed a unique 3D facade for the label’s flagship store in a key commercial district in Shanghai. The facade is representative of the future vision of Ports 1961, bringing together the origin and evolution of the label. The outer skin of the structure consists of glass blocks with a matt finish, and was inspired by the form of an iceberg floating freely in the ocean. Over the day, the building  subtly reflects the sunlight. But when darkness falls the facade develops a glowing crispness that reinforces the image of an iceberg. Screens mounted in the façade adopt the role of shop windows, displaying Ports 1961 fashion wear and accessories and adding interest and a certain dynamic.

The facade is composed of two different types of glass blocks: a standard glass block and a custom corner glass block. The combination of the two types of glass block makes for a sculpted three-dimensional façade effect. LED lighting is embedded in the joints between the glass blocks, the cool white light underscoring the association with an iceberg.

The combination of the innovative implementation of the glass blocks with the lighting solution after dark renders the building a fine example of the creative application of a traditional building material.

Project team:

Client: Ports 1961
Architects: UUfie/CDN
Lighting consultant: Inverse/UK


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