11. Feb 2015

A rainbow room to arouse memories

Light art installation: Liz West
Photos: Stephen Iles

Being interested in the influence and perception of luminous colour in architectural space and how visitors experience it, Liz West created the powerful “Your Colour Perception” light art installation. The work, which aroused the impression of a rainbow captured inside a confined space, was realised in one of Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces in Federation House in Manchester/UK.

The 5000 square feet space was illuminated by T8 fluorescent lamps wrapped in colour gels, the majority of which were incorporated into the ceiling structure. The complete space was immersed in saturated luminous colours. The stunning transition through the spectrum, from glowing blue to intensive pink, enabled visitors to subject themselves to an overwhelming, memory-evoking colour perception experience: a highly successful art experiment!


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