23. Nov 2015


In the depths of the book world

Architects: Chu Chih-Kang Space Design – Chu Chih-Kang
Photos: Chu Chih-Kang and Li Guo-Min

Bookstores are commercial businesses that focus on selling books. But they are also places that can transport you to other realms: spaces that collect and share knowledge as well as being spaces for relaxation and contemplation.

This was the focus the architects from Chu Chih-Kang Space Design had in mind when they designed the Fangsuo Book Store in Chengdu/RC.

The Fangsuo Book Store is located at basement level in a commercial street that surrounds the Daci Temple. The escalator leading into the store is encased in glass with a large copper element wrapped around the lower section. The LED strip lighting is reflected dramatically in the shiny surfaces.

The glowing entrance to the bookstore is designed to look like a meteorite. Together with the bright white light, the stunning way-in makes customers feel they are entering a distant world.

The interior has a spacious feel to it and features simple materials and structural elements, such as mighty concrete columns. The ambient lighting is provided by downlights, which form pools of light on and around the book displays. LED lighting is integrated into the wooden part at the top of the bookshelves.

The part of the store where the books are displayed is centred around the idea of a scripture library, and features numerous light and shadow effects. The shelves along the walls are illuminated to accentuate the wide range of books available.

The architects’ goal was to “create a gateway leading to a sacred and unknown world”. And they appear to have succeeded.


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