08. Oct 2014

A waterfall of fabric and light

Photos: Daisuke Ohki

Sheets of glass organdy hang in folds from the ceiling, like two textile waterfalls that meet in the middle, barely touching the floor. Colourful light patterns cascade down the fascinating lengths of cloth, accompanied by bright, cheerful sounds. The huge installation is dynamic and extremely impressive, the glass organdy rendering the light almost tangible. The colourful play of light is reflected on the floor and the observer becomes completely absorbed by the overwhelming spectacle. “Fall in Pop” was originally designed for the Milan Design Week 2012 and was commissioned by Canon Global.

Using 360° rear projections of images from a conical, three-dimensional screen inside the fabric, the viewer has the sensation that the fabric itself is radiating light. The light art work produces a continuously changing series of colours, dynamic movement and images, generating a colourful, lively ambience.

Project team:

Client: Canon Global
Design: mint designs
Imaging system and visual editing: Luftzug corp.
Sound design: Masato Hatanaka

Products applied:

SX80 Mark II and WUX10 Mark II multimedia projectors, EOS 7D digital camera – from Canon


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