20. Apr 2015

Education, job definition, product quality

Lighting Europe will be a Partner Association of the Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC 2015. The PLDC event takes place every two years – this year it will be held in Rome, Italy in the last week of October.

PLDC offers further education and continuing professional development opportunities in the field of lighting design and technology. The convention provides a communication platform for established and newly qualified lighting designers, researchers, students, manufacturers, city planners, architects and related professions to network, exchange and share knowledge and new approaches in practically all fields of light and lighting.

Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General of LightingEurope: “We are very happy to enter into this partnership. Given the need for education and outreach to all parts of our value chain, we certainly see the strategic advantages of partnering with the PLDC, and we are looking forward to a productive event in Rome in October 2015”.

Joachim Ritter, initiator of PLDC and Chair of the PLDC 2015 Steering Committee: “This partnership is built on the idea of designers’ knowledge developing and strengthening lighting design quality, and is therefore also meant as a message to the architectural lighting market”.


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