08. Feb 2016


High-Tech design backdrop for a meeting of minds

Photos: Ossip van Duivenbode

In January 2016, the Netherlands took over the Presidency of the European Union for a period of six months. During this time European politicians will meet in the custom designed ‘Europe Building’, an unusual temporary structure in the Old Harbour area in Amsterdam/NL designed and realised by DUS Architects. The façades are designed to mimic playfully shaped sails, as a reference to the historical sailing ships that used to be built in this area. The white translucent fabric is spanned across a galvanised steel structure.


The striking entrance facade consists of unique 3D-printed elements made of bio-plastic that can be fully recycled. A number of LED luminaires are mounted on the steel structure behind the fabric and create blue lighting effects to render the structure an eye-catcher, especially after dark. Further luminaires are integrated into the blue alcoves, focussing light onto the 3D printed benches. Each recyclable seating element is parametrically designed and fits perfectly within each alcove. The printed patterns in the alcoves range from large to small and round to square, and depict the variety and community of the EU countries.

The Europe Building is a statement in sustainability: the bio-plastic can be shredded and reprinted after the presidency is over, and the LED technology applied is energy-efficient.

Project team:

Design: DUS Architects, Amsterdam/NL
Parametric development and 3D printing: Actual, Amsterdam/NL
Fabric production: Neptunus, Kessel/NL, TenTech, Utrecht/NL, Henkel, Düsseldorf/D
Lighting solution: Philips, Amsterdam/NL
Construction and assembly: Hejijmans, Rosmalen/NL


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