21. Jun 2016

Augmented structures for three-dimmensional lighting

Augmented Structures is a facade installation project that has brought together the fields of architecture, mathematics and visual arts.

The art work is designed to blend in with İstiklâl Street (Grand Rue de Pera), one of the most frequented main streets in Istanbul. It is located on a public square that is used by pedestrians and vehicular traffic throughout the day. The square is regarded as a cultural centre within the city and has been a popular meeting place over the centuries.


The art piece is installed on the façade of the Yapı Kredi Art and Culture Center, which has played a key role in the history of the street. On the other hand, the evolving and ever changing character of the street has always been a problem for YKK as well as other institutions which have had to come to terms with changes in the urban landscape.



The “Augmented Structures” project addresses the idea of architecture in a state of continuous evolution and the correlations between the tectonics in architecture and dynamic new media. In this sense, the project demonstrates how state-of-the-art lighting technologies and data mapping techniques can be creatively applied to generate the impression of depth and action on a single surface.

The media façade takes the essence of the context as its source of input. The sound of the street is transformed into the extension of physical space, rendering it visually tangible. The new and highly original facade structure is a reflection of its urban surroundings and an expression of vibrant street life.



Architecture / design concept: Alper Derinboğaz
Visual artist: Refik Anadol
Sound engineer: Kerim Karaoglu
Media façade engineering: Ceyhun Derinboğaz



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