17. Aug 2015

(New) developments presented by Flos

Photos: Flos

Flos is one of the few companies who has admirably managed to bridge the gap between tradition and future. No other manufacturer – either from the decorative or from the technical side of the industry – can claim to have been so consistently successful and to have gained the deserved recognition. The (new) developments presented by the company this year speak of quality and innovation from both the design and the technology point of view. With the acquisition of the exterior luminaire manufacturer Ares, Flos have continued to pursue their consistent strategic development plan.

At Euroluce, shortly after announcing the acquisition, some clear statements were made on the Flos stand. Designed by Rod Gilad, the clearly defined section dedicated to Ares gave every indication of how Flos is intending to proceed in this particular branch of the industry. The 200 square metre area demonstrated an ultra-modern approach to architectural lighting in the form of sensitively illuminated tree shapes. Visitors to the stand were impressed by the display, well knowing that nothing is ever as simple as it seems. You might say that this is the clou to professionalism: that design solutions look simple. With Ares, Flos now have a range that will certainly be on par with other established brands currently undergoing further development. Leaving the company’s decorative innovations to one side for a moment, which are always exciting, the solutions and ideas for architectural lighting were extremely convincing.

The Running Magnet 2.0
The Running Magnet is a recessed luminaire for interior applications. Integrated in plaster-board walls/ ceilings, it comprises a series of magnetic tracks (24V/max 10A) that house the LED lighting modules. These lighting modules incorporate a magnetic fixture system that enables them to be positioned as required. The Running Magnet is thus a highly versatile and extremely flexible product: the lighting modules can be applied anywhere along the track, removed and re-positioned, or added depending on project-specific requirements. The Running Magnet is designed for both ambient and accent lighting applications. All unique features of The Running Magnet are now also available in a refined pendant version, which is compatible with the recessed system and highly valued as an individual luminaire. The pendant channel is enhanced by a discreet integrated LED indirect component. The wide-beam range of luminaires has been complemented by a new asymmetric wallwasher module for ceiling installation. This is designed for recessed mounting to illuminate vertical walls and is available in different lengths. It is also available as a stand-alone luminaire.

Moonline is a recessed luminaire for mounting in plasterboard ceilings and walls, allowing it to integrate perfectly into the space. The Moonline system was designed by Frank Sinnaeve and Stephan Gunst and comprises extruded aluminium profiles and incorporates an ingenious magnetic system to enable dimmable LED modules to be mounted, replaced or re-positioned, allowing endless three-dimensional coupling combinations. The lighting modules (3000K, 1456 lm/m, CRI 80, 20W/m) are available in lengths of 500 and 150 millimetres. The frosted PMMA diffuser ensures an even spread of light.


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