26. Sep 2016

Bombardier Runway – Mirabel Airport in Montreal/CA

When Bombardier, the Canadian aircraft constructor, recently completed its runway to test recently assembled airplanes in Mirabel airport, it wanted an energy-efficient lighting solution that would ensure safe landings and take-offs at night and in poor weather conditions. The solution would also have to be shockproof and withstand the vibrations that occur when the aircrafts take and land.


They opted for the OMNIstar mounted on 3 high masts (120 feet high) to light the large apron area and the runway. Thanks to the wide range of photometries offered by the OMNIstar, only 8 luminaires were needed per mast to provide the necessary lighting levels with excellent uniformity and zero glare.


The OMNIstar luminaires are fitted with the Owlet Nightshift system to dim the light when the apron and runway are not in use, providing even more energy savings.


Verwendete Produkte: OMNIstar – Road+Urban


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