22. Jul 2015

Sci-Fi for real

Interior architects: OFT Interiors – CM Jao und Ken Cheung
Photos: Edmon Leong

The days when “going to the pictures” was a cosy night out are long gone. Cinema today means action movies and experience big time: 3D, Dolby Surround and lighting effects are the standard. The cinema world and the real world blend into one. And the architectural design of the cinema building is part of this ultra-modern vision.

The Emperor UA Sparks Cinema in Foshan/RC is integrated into a shopping centre. The intention of the interior architects from OFT Interiors was to apply an innovative formal language when designing the cinema and create a sci-fI atmosphere: Star Wars for real!

The movie theatre comprises the lobby plus ten screening rooms. The ceiling modules in the lobby have an abstract origami design feel or kaleidoscopic pattern look about them. The elements are overlapped, leaving openings to integrate strip lighting to underscore the drama of the geometric forms. The hallways dissolve into a dynamic mass of reflections and lines of light; the transition between floor and walls is a blur. The result is a space of futuristic dimensions, designed to be in line with the movies on the screens.

The flooring in the lobby and hallways is made of black and white marble. The walls are clad with irregularly shaped structures made of black oak. LED strip lights are mounted behind the ceiling modules in the lobby and the ceiling elements in the hallway. Additional general lighting in the box office area is provided by downlights. The screening rooms themselves are full of colourful visual stimuli. This is the film-goer’s own colourful dimension, part of the dream world that the film industry bestows upon us. Hexagonal shapes accentuate the walls surfaces, some backlit by LEDs to generate a false three-dimensional quality.

The design of the lobby, the hallways and the screening rooms is part and parcel of the overall cinema experience, symbolising the suspense the film-goers have come looking for. Exciting lighting design for exciting cinema, whatever film you have got lined up.


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