09. Feb 2015

Reception area with impressive lighting details

Architects: LAB5 architects – Dobos András
Consultant reception desk design: Tamás Ábel
Photos: Bujnovszky Tamás

The EMKE office building in Budapest/HU houses the European real estate company AEW Europe. The team from LAB5 architects redesigned the interior as part of the refurbishment programme for the building. Special focus was placed on the design of the reception area, given that this space forms the link between inside and out. The design theme revolves around nature and organic forms, and the materials applied underline this intent, especially in the reception area.

The reception desk, which was designed by LAB5 architects in collaboration with designer Tamás Ábel, features a blue-green glass front with an undulating surface to invoke the impression of waves. This symbolises the constant and intense flow of people, information and communication within the building. The unique reception desk front is backlit by LEDs. Thanks to the three-dimensional glass surface the lighting gives rise to impressive effects.
Above the reception desk there is a large “glass box” with an integrated screen printed pattern and sections of reflective foil. The front and side glass panels are backlit by LEDs. The reception desk and the glass box together support the desired aesthetic ambience, which is further enhanced by a flock of seagull-like pendant luminaires.

The overall atmosphere is light and airy, promoting a feeling of openness and well-being, and welcoming visitors to the company.

Products applied:

Mouette pendant luminaire, Artemide


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