Project team:

Architects: penda, Beijing/RC – Dayong Sun, Chris Precht, He Quan, Pongchong Li, Jessica Luo, Mingxue Sun
Lighting design: Jing Ai


Products applied:

LED tape, recessed LED directional spotlights: Philips

05. Sep 2014

Melting snow

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Xia Zhe

Now is the time for new approaches and ideas. Technological quantum leaps only lead to truly great evolutionary milestones when the innovator is able to free him/herself completely from traditional structures and mindsets and break new ground that initially does not seem possible. New ideas for light in architecture can therefore never be simply considered a trend, but rather a breakthrough to new cultural dimensions.

Chris Precht and Dayong Sun from Penda describe the route they have taken as follows: “We are Penda. We are passionate about architecture & design. We are driven by creativity, innovation & tradition. We are young & hungry & forward thinking with a design approach, which is always based on issues of the content & the context. We are motivated to develop innovative & ecological & elegant solutions to social & functional & formal questions. We are keen to design projects with digital tools, artistic approach & (hand)crafted realization. We are a multicultural design collective based in Vienna & Beijing. We are penda”. It is not the case that light is always an integral part of every piece of visionary and creative architecture. At Penda it is. In the truest sense of the word. Light is a part of the architecture, light describes space and form. The exciting aspect to the architectural language they speak is that walls are soft and flowing, light and airy. The technology is integrated and not visible to the eye. What remains is no more than the architecture. Light is barely perceived as such. In the end it becomes what it actually should be: a means to an end and not a luminous end in itself. A modest design element that steps back in the interest of the architecture. This is especially true of the Snow Apartment in Zhangjiakou, a well known skiing region 160 kilometres north of Beijing and a popular destination for a weekend trip with friends or business partners.[…]


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