Project team:

Client: Corporacion EW
Concept and art direction: Nicholas Cheung and Claudia Paz
Design: Claudia Paz, Nicholas Cheung, Cesar Castro
Production: Arquileds
Interactive programming: Chris Plant / Colour Burst
Sound design: Neil Spragg / Future Sound Design
DMX programmer: Ruby Rubenstahl
Light Content: Cesar Castro Paz
Contractor and installer: MAS Contratistas Generales

Products applied:

Lighting equipment: Astera LED
DMX control: e:cue / Osram

14. Aug 2015

Flower power
Light Garden – a modern dynamic meadow of flowers

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Silvia Neyra, Claudia Paz, Nicholas Cheung

Flower power was a term and a movement that came into being in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Flowers were a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence, and worn by the so-called hippie generation as a peaceful demonstration against imperialism, and in particular against the war in Vietnam. People tend to give flowers to friends for birthdays, weddings and even funerals, and some believe that different types of flowers have meanings. What power do flowers really have? Can they really make us happier …? The appeal of the flowers in the Plaza Norte shopping centre in Lima is at any rate definitely infectious.

Flowers delight us, give us pleasure – and if they emit light or are made of light and can change colour and size or be programmed to move, they incite feelings of playfulness and romance. The installation in Lima’s largest shopping centre, Plaza Norte, features flowers big-time – in a Light Garden. Consistent with the corporate identity of the shopping centre: the logo of Plaza Norte is a simplistic but colourful flower. Opened in 2009, Plaza Norte is twice as big as the Mega Plaza Norte shopping centre, located a few kilometres away. Plaza Norte comprises a huge supermarket, a big home centre, around 200 different shops selling recognized brands, restaurants, cinemas, a discotheque, a casino, a new bus terminal designed to cater for up to 100 bus companies, and an extensive car showroom. Going shopping here is all about enjoyment and consumer satisfaction. But the shopping experience itself was to receive a further “real kick”. To add a layer of fascination and excitement, and thus to enhance the users’ experience, the owners commissioned designers Nicholas Cheung and Claudia Paz, whose work links art, technology and architecture, using light to paint spaces and interaction to create shared experiences. As designers Paz and Cheung are constantly searching for new technologies and means to be applied in their projects. The innovative design projects they develop combine the use of cuttingedge technology with the concern for energy efficiency. […]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 98

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