14. Jan 2015

LED Researched fashion

Design und Photos: Nemen

Maintaining the tradition of Italian fashion and adding a touch of true innovation: that is what the Italian company Nemen, a leading brand in fashion sportswear, is all about. The experimental LED jacket they have just launched combines innovation and research with functionality Optical fibres are woven into the fabric and lit by 12 battery-powered LEDs, giving the otherwise dark jacket a stunning sheen. Cool lighting effects can be achieved that look like droplets of water on the jacket’s sleek surface. The outer fabric is a monofilament of nylon and steel with a polyurethane transparent film which works as a shield to protect the optical fibres and emphasises the depth effect created by light passing through it. The inner fabric features a special aluminium coating which reflects body heat in order to ensure maximum protection from cold weather.

Being seen receives a whole new meaning.


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