13. Apr 2015

Rise Nation in West Hollywood/USA

Photos: Softlab

Trainer Jason Walsh believes that natural movement, and climbing in particular, can change the bodies, minds and lives of people. In the fitness studio he founded West Hollywood/USA called Rise Nation the designers from Softlab have created an interactive lighting installation in the form of a sculptural ceiling. When it is not in use, the installation resembles a rocky surface, but once the workout begins and the lights are turned down the installation comes alive through a large array if integral LEDs, accompanied by different soundtracks.

The installation comprises a custom aluminum frame with a total of 160 cells. The precisely defined gaps between the panels allow the reflected light from the LEDs to pass through to create an animated surface that ranges between simple fades to a field of light. The LEDs are programmed to generate dramatic and unique animated sequences – as if the rocky surface has developed cracks that spill out light and electrify the space: Let the workout begin!

Project team:

Client: Rise Nation
Sculpture design: Softlab
Direction and production: Lucas Werthein, Marcelo Pontes
Project management: Jihye Ku
Software engineer: Igal Nassima

Rise Nation Ceiling Installation from SOFTlab on Vimeo.

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