02. Apr 2015

Projection-mapping window display at Harrod’s in London/UK

Photos: Projection Artwork

In collaboration with design consultancy Justso, the media designers from Projection Artworks produced a virtual, three-dimensional Fabergé egg for the iconic artist jeweller’s window at Harrod’s as part of Fabergé’s run-up to Easter marketing campaign. The projection-mapped egg was on display until 27. March. The spectacular egg radiated 14 500 lumens per square metre, which is around 200 times brighter than a typical outdoor building projection.

Shoppers were able to choose their favourite Fabergé designs via a custom-designed touch screen to create a personalised 3D projection show inspired by their selection. To enable this, the designers used ultra-high resolution 360° photos of the egg pendants, whereby each egg required 64 photographs from different focal lengths to create the desired detailing. The final animations were then rendered out in 16 x HD resolution, 100 times the size of a real Fabergé pendant. Projector alignment was also a challenge since the egg model had no defining corners. The seamless output was facilitated using high resolution 3D scanning technology.

The projection-mapped egg showcased new Fabergé designs in emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond variations: the unique window display was even visible in high levels of ambient light, when the sun was at its brightest.

Project team:

Client: Fabergé
Shop window design: Justso
Projection mapping: Projection Artworks
Projector equipment: Optoma


Harrods Installation – Faberge from Projection Artworks on Vimeo.

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