19. Dec 2014

A sketch made with light

Photos: Michael Koo

Architect and lighting designer Andrea Cerquiglini from Architekturstudio Cerquiglini Rossi Studio has designed an abstract Christmas tree for the South Cape Owners Club, a luxurious golf resort in Namhae Island/KOR. The designer has created a highly unusual Christmas tree which, thanks to its unique form and the innovative use of materials, meets the client’s brief to create “something different” to a tee.

The frame for the luminous Christmas tree is made of Corten steel. The tree shape itself consists of acrylic tubes. RGB LED strips with diffusing film have been inserted into some of the tubes: the abstract tree is only revealed when the LEDs begin to glow.
The further the viewer stands from the installation, the easier it is to perceive the tree shape. An unusual sketch made with light!

Project team:

Client: South Cape Owners Club
Lighting design: Cerquiglini Rossi Studio – Andrea Cerquiglini


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