07. Apr 2015

A mystically surreal Biennale pavilion

Photos: Federico Sutera and Orproject

Dynamorph was designed for an exhibition on Shamanism during the Venice Biennale 2014. Shamanism is not a religion, but rather a way of becoming aware of the hidden powers of the universe. In the Shamanic view of the world everything in the universe is made of energy and everything is interconnected, whereby the colour red symbolises fire and energy. In this context, the Red Road indicates the path that leads to finding yourself, and to being in harmony with yourself and the world around you. The glowing pink pavilion in Venice was designed to represent a mystically surreal cave that interfaced between the present and the past.

The isosurface that enveloped the visitors consisted of rectangular segments of white paper, backlit by white LEDs. Based on the thickness of the paper, which was stiffened using starch, when it is backlit it appears to be bluish-pink. The light penetrated the space, creating a magical immersive environment. Made up of over three thousand individual segments, the geometry of Dynamorph was developed using an algorithm that placed the exhibits as centres of force fields acting on the surface of the room. The artefacts on exhibit were accentuated by spotlights.

The tessellated geometry was inspired by the mass and movement found in nature, similar to the trajectory of planetary mass, temperature variations, or the interaction between electromagnetic fields. Given the light and the coloured shading the space developed an unusual fascination, reminiscent of the energy contained in fire. And who knows, perhaps some of the visitors were inspired by the atmosphere in the Dynamorph to make progress along their respective Red Roads.

Project team:

Client: International Cultural Institute
Architects: Orproject
Design team: Francesco Brenta, Sambit Samant, Rajat Sodhi
Realisation: Yoana Chepisheva, Andrea Piaggio


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