03. Jun 2015

Soft milky light

Photos: Atsushi Ishida

At the Narita Dream Dairy Farm in Chiba/J visitors have the opportunity to everything about dairy products and how they are produced. Different animals live at the farm, which is located in an idyllic natural setting. Besides children’s events such as Duck Races, it is also possible to buy fresh dairy produce from the Dream Dairy Farm Store an. Entering the store is like a journey into an abstract future compared with the rest of the farm. The goal of the team from Moriyuki Ochiai Architects was to re-interpret milk as a product through the forms, colours and soft, milky light they applied. The organic shape of the counter, for example, is designed to underline the fresh and vital quality of milk.

A variety of ceiling structures, including a series of illuminated translucent resin boards, which are suspended from the ceiling in the store. Such finely corrugated resin boards are sometimes used to roof stables. In the store they are illuminated by directional spotlights and pendant downlights. Soft light washes over the translucent boards and generates patterns across the grass-green walls that symbolise the meadows and woods outside. Close to the resin boards there is a structure made of highly reflective aluminium, a feature that can be found in other projects by the same architects. A further suspended element is the angular frame structure suspended above the counter. Perceptually speaking, the space is challenging, if not demanding.
Depending on where the visitor to the shop is standing, so he finds himself immersed in different kinds of light: a farm shop that speaks of contrast.

Project team:

Client: Narita Dream Dairy Farm Corporation
Architects: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects


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