10. Oct 2014

With torches to show the way …

Photos: Oliver Schuh

The cathedral and the square in front of the mighty Gothic church are prime landmarks in the City of Utrecht. But there was more to discover beneath the sacred building and the square. In June 2014, all was revealed. The underground experience now goes by the name of “DOMunder”.

The space under the church is a museum. Visitors entering the space embark on a journey of discovery underground, during which they can gain insight into different periods of Dutch history. It is kept purposefully dark with discreet lines of light defining the walling and built-in steel structures. The tour guests rely on the interactive torches as a means of light – and information.

The journey underground begins at the rusted steel entrance in the centre of the square in front of the cathedral. The visitor is guided down over different levels and steps, the way lit only by subtle lines of light. This is when the smart LED torch flashes (almost literally) into action. If a beam of light from the torch falls on a relic, or the remains of ruins or walls, this triggers infrared sensors: audio information is communicated via the headsets and luminous images behind the perforated Corten steel walls or video projections on the walls become visible.

An exciting torchlit experience, whereby the beams of light from the handheld torches breathe new light into the ancient relics. And there is nobody groping around in the dark…

Project team:

Client: Domplein Initiative
Spatial concept and design: JDdVarchitecten
Experience design and media technology: Tinker Imagineers
Sound design: Hulskamp

Products applied:

Audio-guide torches, Berkelaar Measurement and Control Technology


My opinion:

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