28. Nov 2014

Improved Dimming Performance

Dim to Warm technology also makes it possible to offer true fit sizes and shapes across its range of LED retrofit lamps, making it the widest offer available with the look and feel of old technology but with all the benefits of LED.

As the Dim to Warm lamps are dimmed from 100% to 10%, their colour temperature changes smoothly from a cool 2800K to a warm and cosy 1800K, imitating exactly the colour of dimmed incandescent or halogen. Perfect for creating a relaxing environment after a hard day at work or for setting the mood at special occasions, the full suite of Dim to Warm LEDs is an exciting addition to the Megaman range. The user will also benefit from all the cutting-edge features they expect of a LED throughout the range, including significant energy savings of up to 80%, longer rated life of up to 35,000 hours, high lumen maintenance and hence lower maintenance costs as compared to traditional lighting.

Available in LED Candle, Classic, PAR16, MR16, AR111 and Integrated LED Downlight, and with different lamp shapes and bases, the Dim to Warm feature is highly sought-after by discerning customers and interior designers who find it both essential and inspiring as they seek to use eco-friendly LED products.


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