13. Mar 2015

Mind-blowing digital art installation
by NASA in Maryland/USA

Art installation and photos: NASA – Genna Duberstein, Scott Wiessinger, Tom Bridgman

Since 2010 the team at NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) have been observing the activity of the sun’s surface, taking one picture per second and collecting a mass of data. The dynamic video installation entitled “Solarium” in the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Visitor Center in Maryland/USA gives visitors the opportunity to get really close to the sun – visually at least. NASA video artists Genna Duberstein, Scott Wiessinger and Tom Bridgman have captured the explosive atmosphere of the sun based on the research performed at SDO.

The creators of the video installation adjusted SDO’s vast collection of solar images, which have a resolution eight times higher than that of a HD TV, and coupled these with unique accompanying sounds. The dynamic images show how materials enter into the layers of the corona, the massive aura that surrounds the sun. The work was highly intensive with every minute of footage taking around ten hours to complete.

The explorative, breathtaking solar images provide real insight into what is behind the sunlight we enjoy every day. And there’s no risk of “frying to a crisp”!


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